Just as Alice goes down the rabbit hole to a surreal parallel world, the Goldworm sisters create custom scents that take us to an emotionally charged olfactory wonderland.
The Goldworm sisters believe that a scent can take brand identity one step further than a logo—if smell is the most emotive of the senses, then scent creates a different connection between brand and client.

12.29 translates a brand’s essence into a scent identity, enriching all brand elements to create unique signature experiences. 12.29 scent identities can attract consumers, generate more revenue, improve customer satisfaction, enhance the perception of the brand and deepen brand loyalty.

Cofounder, Dawn Goldworm is the vision and Nose behind unforgettable 12.29 scent identities for Mercedes Benz, American Express, Valentino, Lady Gaga, The Viceroy Hotel, Art Basel/Design Miami …


The 12.29 creative process, designed and directed by Cofounder and internationally recognized Nose, Dawn Goldworm, involves a rigorous examination of a brand’s existing references, including color, imagery, emotional territory, target market demographics, and history.

Dawn will work with your team to fully understand your brand’s world. Once completely immersed, Dawn will translate your brands essence into a scent identity to be used whenever and wherever the brand feels it can communicate through scent (brand spaces, experiences and products).

Dawn’s expertise in perfumery is the result of years of training, along with her work at Avon’s global NY headquarters and Coty Beauty (NY and Paris). Her global training and experience has provided her with a unique perspective across North America, Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and LATAM fragrance markets.

12.29 translates a brand’s essence into a scent identity to be diffused in physical environments (permanent locations, temporary spaces and events). The scent identity can also be translated into custom scented products; including candles, room sprays, notecards and postcards.

12.29 global capabilities provide an end to end service delivery model to service client locations around the world while ensuring consistency and reliability. 12.29 provides a full service delivery model to manage installation and on-going service in all client locations.

At only 12 weeks in the womb, we have a fully developed sense of smell.  After the first trimester, we can actually smell what our mother is eating, as odor is the only sense that passes through the amniotic fluid.  This is the beginning of our taste preferences.  Once born, our entire world is smell.  It is our dominant and primary sense until we are 10 years old.  Our only other “sense”, if you can call it that, that is as fully developed and functional at this stage, is emotion.  And smell and emotion work together to enable us to understand, create and comprehend our new world.  When we smell a new odor, we automatically link an emotion to it. So the scent and the emotion become forever linked together floating around our olfactive memory, the largest and most acute part of our memory.